Company/Product Name:

  • Name: Arts Raiser
    • Rationale: Fundraising and support for artists: this site helps ‘raise’ the arts by directing support directly to artists themselves.


  • Mission/vision: Arts Raiser is an economical and practical website. It was designed to be simple and straightforward, so that anyone can quickly figure out how to use the site for their purposes.  It is focused on financial support straight to artists, and in general, it highlights the issue that artists are under paid, and that there is a growing need for monetary support for the arts
    • Rationale: I want users to have money on their mind while using the site. Tips are a main feature of the site, but I’ve learned from my research that people don’t normally think about tipping an artist. This site could promote that idea and make it seem less taboo.

Brand Personality:

  • Professional, considerate, and empathetic
    • Rationale: I want users to feel like they are using a professional service made by and for people like them who understand art, industry, and the difficulty behind raising money. 

Brand Attributes

  • Brand attributes: efficient, universal, focused, supportive
    • Efficient: Direct Fast and simple process of creating an account, creating a wishlist, and searching for an artist. 
    • Universal: Made for all kinds of artists for any platform or link, anywhere in the world.  
    • Focused: Concentrates on fundraising money and other professional support
    • Supportive: Listens to what artists want and respond accordingly