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User Interface: Minimal and artistic interface design aesthetic, similar to the Museum of Modern Art, so the interface seems familiar to users in this market. Lots of white space, bold black text, and hard-edge geometric shapes. With an arts website, I think it is best to stay away from too many icons and diagrams because they can be mistaken for artworks. I want to use font structure and captions as much as possible within the interface (sideways text, slashes, quotes, parentheses, capitalization, etc.)

Logo Ideas: A logo that is bold and simple combining anthropomorphic curves with geometric lines and corners could fit the rest of the aesthetic.

Images: Tasteful images of contempoary art can visually show who this platform is made for, portraying consideration and empathy. I am especially interested in including self-portraits of artists that are both realistic and abstract. Artistic images of money or cash will keep users mind on monetary support and fundraising.

Color Palette: The accent colors gold, royal purple, and green remind me of wealth and money. I added burnt orange as the last accent color for balance as it completes the rainbow. Dark, muted colors are less distracting than their vibrant counterparts, and feel more serious and professional than pastel or vibrant colors. Black and canvas are the base colors for backgrounds and text. The canvas color is an off-white that goes well with pure black.

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