The name of the site: The Clay Studio

Address: 137-139 North Second Street, Philadelphia, PA 19106

The URL:

Website and Google MyBusiness page suggestions:

  • Name, Website URL, phone number, address, and hours of operation are identical on both platforms. However, the events listed on the MyBusiness/Google Maps page have very different events than those listed on the clay studio website. The events seem to be coming from Eventful, which shows a completely different series of events than those on the Clay Studio website. These events are still happening at this location, they’re just not advertised on the website. Eventful is showing the current exhibition at the studio as if it were a different event every day. But, it doesn’t show the unique events at the clay studio, such as the lessons, outside of the exhibitions.

Improvements to Google MyBusiness page: 

  • Merge the events on Eventful with the calendar events on the Clay Studio website. The Clay Studio has between two and three concurrent exhibitions in their gallery spaces, while also offering unique events that begin and end in one day and pottery lessons that last for a longer span of time. The exhibitions are listed on the Google MyBusiness page as individual, daily events; and it only lists one event per day, so the two current exhibitions seem like they are not happening at the same time. Since there is only enough space for four events, the lessons and unique events are not always listed. Listing ongoing exhibitions as daily events can be confusing to visitors who may believe that an exhibition is only happening on one day.
  • The unique events and the pottery lessons, which I assume is how the Clay Studio makes a lot more profit, do not get the attention they need. 
  • Feature “First Fridays” on the MyBusiness page. A lot of Philadelphians who are familiar with “First Fridays” look to visit as many galleries as they can on these nights. It’s a great opportunity to reach new people. If there are people who routinely take advantage of “First Fridays” but do not know that the Clay Studio participates, advertising this on the Google MyBusiness page can help reach this audience.

Name, Address, and Phone Number:

  • The NAP is located at the bottom of the site in a footer anchored to every page.
  • For more opportunities, they could also feature this information in a header on the home page and the about page, and they can create a new page with a map of their location including directions on how to get to their location. 
  • “The Clay Studio” is a very simple name for a business. In different places on the site, I would list the name as “The Clay Studio of Philadelphia,” “The Clay Studio in Center City,” “the local Clay Studio,” “The Clay Studio in Old City,” etc., as a way of covering more keywords.
  • Add location to Taglines. Currently, the site tagline is “The Clay Studio | Welcome to the Clay Studio.” I would use this as an opportunity to mention location again, and further explain products and services more. I would change the tagline to something like “The ceramics hub of Philadelphia,” “Philly’s pottery center,” “Ceramics in Center City,” etc.

On Page Audit:

Suggested changes for local optimization: 

  • Use more specific descriptions for the alt-text of the images. I would tag the location, the event, and the people in the photos, especially if it’s a specific instructor. The image titles are currently too generic (ex: src=” I would also include captions underneath each image if there is an instructor in it. The captions can link to each instructor’s professional website or portfolio to be opened in a new tab.
  • The title of the page doesn’t exactly match the content and is slightly misleading. To reach this page, I started on the Home page and clicked on “Classes.” On this page in the header, it only says “Classes,” but the URL and the info on the page is specifically for Adult Classes. I would
  • The classes are the only parts of the website that has a subdomain “public” and the URL format of This seems unnecessary, especially because every page in the section of the website is in the same root directory “public,” so every URL starts with “…” I would suggest they reorganize the categories of their posts/pages or reorganize the parent/child page hierarchy to avoid a subdomain and root directory altogether. The URL for the main page for classes can become, and the URL for each class can become[name of class].

2. Fair Auction Company (

Keyword Suggestions

Goal: To get visitors to buy and sell things from their live online auctions

Keywords Summary: This website advertises itself as a do-it-yourself auction site for arts and antiques. The keywords I chose focus on the site’s ease of use.

Keyword Suggestions:

  • National Art and antiques auctions 
  • Easy to use auction websites 
  • Where can I learn to sell art?
  • Where can I learn to sell antiques?
  • Upcoming online auctions
  • Best place to buy antiques online
  • Sell antiques from home
  • Go to an auction from home
  • Best websites to sell art and antiques
  • Best online art and antique auctions

Target Audience Characteristics

  • The site is for American audiences because their only shipping option is within the United States. Words like “international” or “overseas” can be put on the negative keyword list.
  • I expect most people would access this site on a desktop computer at home or in some kind of storage facility where they keep their artwork or antiques. I would be unusual to create a listing on a cell phone to try and sell something while mobile. But, it wouldn’t be unusual to buy something on a mobile phone since that is a shorter process that requires a lot less effort.
  • Antiques tend to attract an older audience.

Example Persona: Jared is an art and antiques collector who wants to start selling pieces in his collection that he thinks has increased in value. He wants to be in charge of the whole selling process. Rather than signing up with a large auction house that would take a portion of the profit, he looks for websites that would make it easy for him to sell his art and antiques.

On-Page Audit #1

  • The Page: Home Page
  • The Page URL:
  • The Title Tag of the Page: Fair Auction Company
  • The Meta Description of the Page: Join our mailing list to stay up to date on our upcoming online auctions!
  • The H1 of the Page: Fair Auction Company
  • The H2 of the Page: Upcoming: Vintage Audio Auction
  • The H1 of the Page: Can’t Wait for the Next Auction?
  • The H2 of the Page: Check out our new retail site, Fair Market Vintage
  • The H1 of the Page: Have something to sell?
  • The H2 of the Page: Contact us today for free in-home consultation.

Suggested Changes:

  • Too many H1s and H2s; change H1 to “Fair Auction Company,” and change H2 to “Check out our next auction below”
  • Meta description doesn’t describe the site; change to “Buy and sell art and antiques at our convenient online auctions. Largest selections of productions, no hassle, and free in-home consultation”

On-Page Audit #2

  • The Page: Current Auctions
  • The Page URL:
  • The Title Tag of the Page: Live & Online Auctions | 1 Results |
  • The Meta Description of the Page: Buy At Auction. Vintage Audio Auction at – Page 1 of 1
  • The H1 of the Page: N/A
  • The H2 of the Page: N/A

Suggested Changes:

  • Add H1: Current Auctions at Fair Auction Company
  • Add H2: Place a bid on something in our on-going live auctions

On-Page Audit #3

  • The Page: How to Sell
  • The Page URL:
  • The Title Tag of the Page: How to Sell — Fair Auction Company
  • The Meta Description of the Page: N/A
  • The H1 of the Page: Let’s get started:
  • The H2 of the Page: 3 Ways to Sell with Fair Auction Co.

Suggested Changes

  • Use a keyword in H1: Let’s Start Selling Your Art and Antiques from Home
  • Add meta description: Read our step by step guide on how to sell your art and antiques on our online auctions. Follow our advice to make sure your piece to get the price you want for it.

3. Empty Easel (

Keyword Suggestions

Goal: Get people to visit their site for their blogs and to join their mailing list

Keyword Summary: The keywords target unique things about the site that help it compete with similar, more popular sites. The site states that it’s news and tutorials don’t have vague or confusing “artspeak,” so I included a few keywords about using normal, everyday language. The site also states it’s for new and professional artists alike, but I would expect professional artists already have a hoard of websites they often go to that would be hard to compete with. Instead, I included keywords about artists just starting out and are looking to learn. Most popular art websites for news, blogs, and information don’t avoid art historical language and aren’t specifically for beginners.

Keyword Suggestions:

  • Beginners art tutorials
  • Art blog posts that use everyday words
  • Art blogs without artspeak
  • Art blogs for normal people
  • Art tutorials I can understand
  • Art education websites for beginners
  • How do I make art?
  • Where can I learn about art online?
  • Art tips and advice for people just starting out
  • Where can I learn to sell art online?

Target Audience Characteristics

  • No gender preference; the subject matter is universal.
  • They are targeting an American audience. The have blog posts about the best art fairs, schools, and stores in America, and about american copyright laws.
  • I expect a lot of people visit this site on their phone. The blog posts are short and easy to read on a small screen, and the layout is very minimal.

Example Persona: John is a carpenter who sells sculptures at art fairs around the country. He’s looking for a place that can inform him of all the art fairs happening, and also entertain him with news, blogs, and tutorials.

On-Page Audit #1

  • The Page: Art Business Advice 
  • The Page URL:
  • The Title Tag of the Page: N/A
  • The Meta Description of the Page: N/A
  • The H1 of the Page: Art Business Advice
  • The H2 of the Page: Explore all our art business advice below

Suggested Changes:

  • Add Title Tag: Learn from artists, learn from the pros
  • Make Meta Description longer: Learn From the Pros! Art Business Advice for Artists by Artists. Tutorials made for everyone in a language you can understand

On-Page Audit #2

  • The Page: Featured Artists
  • The Page URL:
  • The Title Tag of the Page: N/A
  • The Meta Description of the Page: N/A
  • The H1 of the Page: Featured Artists Painters, mixed-media artists, photographers, and more!
  • The H2 of the Page: N/A

Suggested Changes:

  • Add Title Tag: Featured Artists on Empty Easel
  • Add H2: Discover our featured artists and buy a piece of your own
  • Make Meta Description longer: Featured Artists Painters, mixed-media artists, photographers, and more! Learn from different artists to be discovered every day. You never know what will inspire your next piece.

On-Page Audit #3

  • The Page: E-Book How to Draw Exactly What You See
  • The Page URL:
  • The Title Tag of the Page:N/A
  • The Meta Description of the Page: N/A
  • The H1 of the Page: N/A
  • The H2 of the Page: N/A

Suggested Changes:

  • Add Title Tag: Buy a copy of How to Draw Exactly What You See E-Book
  • Add H1: Buy “How to Draw Exactly What You See” E-Book
  • Add H2: A still life drawing guide for artists of any skill level
  • Add Meta Description: Use the description of the book: “Our user-friendly guide to drawing will teach you how to draw accurate still lifes from start to finish. You’ll learn to break down any drawing (even complex ones!) into easy, repeatable steps, and master simple drawing techniques guaranteed to improve your skills and help you draw EXACTLY what you see.”

4. Kolikof Caviar and Salmon (

Full site introductory audit


  • 1) There’s no keywords in your metadata at all. This might have the biggest impact on search engine findability. There are a lot of keywords in this space that have little competition, and can therefore, make a huge impact.


  • 1) Google Shopping doesn’t know you exist. Google is where most people start their initial conversion, so the products need to be on Google Shopping to create awareness. These need to be manually added and maintained.

  • 2) Google MyBusiness/Google Maps doesn’t have enough information about your business. Even if customers don’t come to a brick-n-mortar store, updating the info on this page helps with findability and rankings. This is also the page where people can leave comments and reviews. Currently, there’s two reviews, one with 5-stars, one with 1-star.

  • 3) Fix broken links:Some of the links in the “Press” section are broken (ex. LA Confidential , and Robb Report


  • Prioritize Mobile: The majority of web traffic comes from smart phones, and Google ranks your site higher if its optimized for mobile. Plus, even if customers don’t purchase from their phone, there’s a good chance they’re discovering Kolikof Caviar on their phones. 
  • Minimize Header: Make logo and header smaller. It covers a third of the screen on desktop, and 90% of the screen on a smartphone. This leaves little room to navigate and creates a poor user experience. 
  • Simplify color scheme: I would stick to 4 colors at most, two should be white and black, one should be the main brand color, and the last should be a neutral color that compliments the main brand color. I think you should remove the blue from the website. It clashes with the bright yellow, and is inconsistent with the product packaging. I like the color of yellow the site currently has because it is very regal
  • Minimize homepage (mobile and desktop): not necessary to have products on the homepage, unless in a small slideshow. Causes page to load slowly, which impacts bounce rate (number of people leaving the site before even looking at the site)
  • Organize and simplify Menus, not only so customers can navigate the site better, but so robots can find all your content and let search engine know that it exists: 

Example Hierarchy:


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