What is Art, Really? is a website where users play a simple game with conceptual art using images taken from the public domain. The user clicks on an image of what could or could not be fine art, then navigates to the page to get their answer. The home page consists of a hero image slider at the top, and an image grid below using the featured images from the posts archive.

Home Page

Sample Artwork Page: Conceptual Art

Each post has the same format. The featured image takes up the whole screen above the fold, and the answer to the question “is this art?” Is revealed below the fold, along with the image source.

For posts with images too wide to be used as a hero image, i added the text “keep scrolling” to fill up the rest of the space above the fold.

Sample Artwork Page: Not Art

“About Us” Page



The format of this game worked well on Instagram. A user would see an image or what might or might not be fine art in their post feed or on the whatsartreally Instagram page. Then they swipe through to the last image in the post to reveal the answer.